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The OrbAstro flat-sat is an all-in-one platform for design, development, testing, validation and operations of payloads and OrbAstro satellites.


Telos OBC

The most powerful compute platform, for both single- and double-precision operations, compatible with nanosatellites. The entry-level Telos OBC is 7x more powerful than the current state-of-the-art. It utilises bleeding-edge FPGA technologies otherwise unavailable to the sector. If you need some serious processing-punch, this is the best you’re going to find.

from £5,000

Long-Life EPS

Unique EPS technology that is extremely robust to the space environment, with 5x the cycle lifetime capacity of conventional lithium-ion chemistries, and a very high depth of discharge capability.

from £7,000

K-/Ka-band RF System

The lightest and most compact K-/Ka-band transmitter on the market. Being SDR-based, it is highly flexible to customer requirements (modulation, error correction, etc.).

from £20,000

Flock Management System

The most advanced autonomous nanosatellite constellation/flock management system commercially available. Consideration of mission performance at the constellation-level is woefully lacking. Substantial improvements in mission-level efficiency are viable, translating many flawed aspirations into robust business cases.

case by case

Electric Propulsion

A family of modular nanosatellite compatible electric propulsion systems with high thrust authority, high total impulse, integrated electronics, no pressurised vessels or moving parts, and a high level of redundancy.

from £19,200


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