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Hosted Payloads

If you want to demonstrate a new technology or service, but don’t want your own dedicated satellite, our hosted payload service may be more aligned with your needs. The service provides an easy and cost-effective solution for gaining heritage for new technologies or piloting new services in-orbit.

Following a 1-month commissioning and initial demonstration & qualification phase, the shared platform enters an extended operations phase. The satellite becomes available for payload operators to book dedicated time, be this for extended in-orbit demonstration purposes, software maturation, experimentation, and/or pilot service operations.

The duration of this phase will depend on customer needs, before decommissioning and de-orbit, but due to the robust design of the satellite platform can be extended well beyond 5 years.

Through the OrbAstro flat-sat, and with our technical support, customers can design and program up their payload for compatibility with the satellite platform. The flat-sat also serves as an analogue for trialling and executing software & command sequences associated with mission activities.

All ORB-6 satellite platforms utilised for hosted payload services will have a dual-redundant Telos-40 OBC, which customers can have access to for any heavy onboard data processing needs.

Though the hosted payload satellites will have access to the Guardian Network ground stations, from mid-2022 onwards, they will also have access to the Guardian Network satellites, which most pertinently will allow for low-latency access and high data-throughput activities.

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