K-/Ka-band RF System

We have developed the lightest and most compact K-/Ka-band RF system in the market. Being SDR-based, it is highly flexible to customer requirements (modulation, error correction, etc.). Relevant to ground and inter-satellite communications. Configurable as a transmitter, receiver, and transceiver.

Key points:

Frequency Range: 22.0GHz – 30.0GHz (dependent on customer requirements)

Data Rate: up to 100Mbps (dependent on range and antenna configuration)

Volume: Cubesat-compatible, 0.3U

Mass: 120g (system), 225g (system + EM shielding + heat sink)

Lifetime: 5 years

The system is currently designed for operations at 22.55GHz-23.55GHz, but with minimal NRE can operate anywhere within the range of 22GHz-30GHz. To clarify the value proposition for your mission, get in touch: hello@orbastro.com.

We will be ready to ship qualified products from late Q2 2020 onwards.

Get in touch: hello@orbastro.com